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Final Release of Snow Daze


Overwhored was the first full game developed by Cypress Zeta. You play as the villainous Overmind, a creature hellbent on taking over the world and enslaving and hypnotizing women for sex. The game is currently awaiting expansion, in the form of Overwhored: Fall From Heaven. The full game can be dowloaded here:

Current Version: 1.1

Snow Daze: The Music of Winter

Snow Daze: The Music of Winter is the most recent game by Outbreak Games and is currently still in development. You play as Jason, a boy in a step-family of three sisters and a single mother. Being the constant victim of harassment by his family members, Jason concocts a plan in order to gain power over his family as well as seduce them into meeting his sexual desires. The game is split up into five days, with the current public release on Day 3. You can find the most recent version here:


If you are currently paying $5 or more on Cypress Zeta's Patreon, You can access the final story update here:


Having trouble with the game. Check out the walkthrough:

Snow Daze: The Music of Winter Walkthrough

Upcoming Games

There is still more fun to be had in the future. Check out the Games section to read more about games that have yet to be released.