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Day 0 acts as introduction to Snow Daze: The Music of Winter. It was released with Day 1 as a small demo under the name Home Invasion. It contains no dialogue options and no CG scenes however does feature chibi scenes.

Summary of Events[]

The game begins with Jason peeping on his sister, Jane, while she is in the shower. Discovering this, Jane punches him and storms off, telling "Mom" of his endeavors. The audience is than given background on the two characters and their past. The two of them had been very close before, however due to her interest in sports, distanced herself from Jason.

Noelle is then introduced and very upset with Jason's behavior. Jason describes her as a "control freak" and wonders what it would be like if she wasn't in control. He snaps out of his internal monologue before Noelle goes to work and promises him that they will have a very long discussion when she gets home.

After being instructed to help Sarah with her homework, Jason introduces her as the youngest. Sarah in order to get Jason to do her homework for her, flashes her cleavage to him, which causes Jason to reluctantly accept. Sarah then tells Jason to do her homework in the kitchen so she can dress for her date tonight.

In the kitchen, Jason talks to Kira and describes her as sometimes being a worse control freak than Noelle. We also learn that She is the youngest chemical engineer in the country, an ongoing joke in the game. Kira is annoyed by Jason doing Sarah's homework for her and chews him out for it. She then gets some food to make it through the night in order to get everything perfect in her presentation tomorrow.

Noelle comes back bearing bad news. A blizzard has just occured, and the is no way outside until the snow is gone. Though this is unfortunate for his sisters, Jason is quite pleased with this, allowing him to try out his new device, the Delimiter. A hypnotic device with heavy subliminals that can put people in a trance. To ensure the effect works, he plays the music through speakers into the air vents, giving his family subliminals as they sleep.


  • This is the only day so far, that contains no CG scenes or dialogue options, being dialogue only.