Cypress Zeta is the founder of Outbreak Games and the creator of games such as Overwhored and Snow Daze: The Music of Winter. Keeping his identity a mystery, Cypress Zeta uses the persona of a cat wizard to portray himself in his games and in public.

Overwhored[edit | edit source]

Cypress Zeta appears in the Castle in Overwhored where he can be approached. If you have a code you input when you talk to him then he will fastforward you to a later chapter in the game.

Snow Daze: The Music of Winter[edit | edit source]

Cypress Zeta delivers the introductory explaination for Snow Daze.

He returns in the "Cat Cult" ending, furious that Jason had brainwashed himself to forget his perversions. Kira is shocked to see him and identifies him as "dad." Cypress Zeta proceeds to erase the universe saying that it is beyond saving and accuses the player of ruining a perfectly good NSFW story.

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